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The Buttshield™ snowboarding butt pad is a simple, yet extremely effective, protective layer designed to reduce impact and enhance thermal insulation.

ButtShield Snowboarding Butt Pad



Not only will the ButtShield™ reduce the impact when you hit the snow butt-first, it will dramatically reduce cold and wetness for those moments you'll be sitting on the slopes.

For dudes and dudettes over 140 lbs (64kg). Basically - got cake? Reduce the ache! It is roughly 1" (25mm) thick. If you fall hard - this is what you want.
BootyShield Snowboarding Butt Pad



BootyShield™ has all the comforts of the original ButtShield™, with a slightly thinner padding, making it easier to fit into smaller pants.

The BootyShield™ is recommended for riders weighing between 95-140 lbs (43kg-64kg). It is 3/4" (19mm) thick.
BumShield Snowboarding Butt Pad



The BumShield™ is for the littlest of bums, typically children and teenagers under 95lbs (34kg). Keeping their assets protected will make for a more enjoyable experience for kiddos and parents alike.

It is NOT suitable for small women or teenagers. It is 5/8" (16mm) thick.

What makes the ButtShield™ snowboarding butt pad better than others?

Here are some key advantages:

  • Outstanding shock-absorbing material, extremely effective in reducing impact.
  • This buttpad covers not only your butt - but also your lower-back and tailbone.
  • Designed to fit ALL snowboarding pants and bibs - does not shift during riding.
  • Super light, "breathable" foam made to literally adapt to the shape of your butt. Very comfortable.
  • High insulation - makes sitting on the snow more comfortable. No more freezing your butt off while waiting in the line-up for a jump.

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Who needs a snowboarding butt pad and why?

Whether you ride the bunny slopes or the park, your butt could always use the extra protection.

If this is your first time snowboarding -- you will very quickly find out -- that the worst part about your first day snowboarding is falling on your bottom. IT HURTS! The ButtShield™ snowboarding butt pad completely changes your first day from a day of pain and bruises to a day of learning and advancing.

If you are a beginner snowboarder you already know that not wearing a butt pad is a big mistake. Now you are going a bit faster which means you fall a bit harder. The beginner snowboarder needs a snowboarding butt pad even more than the first-timer.

Do intermediate snowboarders need a snowboarding butt pad? You bet. In fact, even advanced snowboarders need a layer because the bigger you go - the harder you fall. Period. Another great advantage to the ButtShield™ Snowboarding Butt Pad is that while you sit at the park waiting to drop in, your butt stays dry and warm due to the ButtShield™'s significant thermal insulation characteristics. You can sit on the snow for quite a while and your pants stay dry, and your butt stays warm.

It is important to choose the right size for your snowbarding butt pad. See sizing chart for more info.

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The ButtShield™ snowboarding butt pad comes in 3 sizes:

Recommended For
ButtShield™ (Large)
Men & women over 130 lbs (58kg) and those looking for extra padding.
BootyShield™ (Medium)
Riders weighing between 75-130 lbs (34kg-58kg)
BumShield™ (Small)
This one is strictly for smaller children. Under 75 lbs (34kg).